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Saturday, April 13, 2013
Serious Motherhood Facts
We spoke to Dr. Rita Bakshi, IVF Specialist, and Chairperson, International Fertility Centre, in Delhi about today’s working women’s concerns about motherhood, and how much IVF as a process in beneficial for them.

Dr. Bakshi has been practicing gynecology for more than two decades now, and runs her own fertility centre. The first thing that we wanted to know from her was that is IVF a boon, a solution for women who are dealing with the infertility concerns. ” A conception other than the natural way, or in simple words the way body is adapted to is any day a tricky affair. Having said that I certainly don’t deny the fact that the advance treatments for conceiving are a boon for any woman who wishes to be a mother. But, the bottom line is that not every body is meant for IVF. I have patients who come to me for the treatment, and I have to tell them straight away that the chances of motherhood is bleak, as the success rate of IVF is 50 percent if you are 35 plus, and even lesser if you are 40 plus,” said Bakshi.

This is just one concern that we have started with. Dr. Bakshi had even more interesting facts to share with our readers. “Most of us today are tied up with work commitments. Also, there is a big trend of pushing motherhood to late 30’s or early 40’s. Well, very little do women realize that the physical anatomy of a woman’s body is not designed in a way that she can have babies at any age, unlike men who can still have a good sperm count even in their 80’s.” Quite a shock, isn’t it?
Additional, she also revealed that many women in their 20’s come to her to freeze their eggs, as they would want to go for motherhood via IVF, as the later stage of their lives. ” I find such ideas really bizarre. Technology is not about using it as per convenience, but it is for your serious concerns. Whether you are a super busy woman, or a free-willed woman, you need to understand that motherhood has everything to do with your age. Like a good career at the right age, same is becoming a mother at the right age. IVF, or any other treatments can only help you out in cases of infertility,” sums Dr. Bakshi.

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Dr. Bakshi’s clinic offers a range that encapsulates all the trends and definitions of IVF solutions, be it the IUI, IVF, Surrogacy, Assisted Hatching, Endoscopy, Obstetrics, or Gynecology.


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