Steps for Intended Parents

Steps for Intended Parents

Intended Parents embark on a long journey when they decide to pursue gestational surrogacy. Due to infertility or some other reasons, they are unable to carry a child and opt to go for IVF where fertilization is occurred and then embryo is implanted in the surrogate’s uterus who carry the baby to term.

Our aim is to make your surrogacy journey trouble free and as emotionally rewarding as possible. International Fertility Centre will guide you through the process of surrogacy from the beginning until you take your baby home. To give you a clear idea, here is what you expect:

Step 1

Contact us through phone, email or Skype. The doctor will respond to all your queries regarding surrogacy services within no time. A dedicated manager will look after your case personally and will provide all assistance required.

Step 2

After counseling, take a decision. Your dedicated manager will assist you with any requirements such as egg donor, medical visa etc.

Step 3

Don’t wait too long. A surrogacy process will take minimum 9 months so plan accordingly. Once you finish making your decision, finalize your travel plan so that the IFC family can prepare for your arrival.

Step 4

Now our responsibility is to complete your surrogacy journey successfully. The experienced doctors at IFC will find you the perfect surrogate for your journey. We make sure to provide you the best surrogate who has already had at least one child and a strong health background.

Step 5

The relationship between intended parents, doctors and surrogate is done at our conference hall. We plan to meet in person with you and the surrogate. Here, you need to sign the contract.

Step 6

Psychological screening and Medical testing- Your surrogate will be thoroughly reviewed by our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) which will be approved by gynecologists for the next step. Your surrogate will also be psychologically screened or cleared.

Step 7

To provide the best IVF treatment in India is our challenge. Your gestational surrogate and intended mother or egg donor’s cycle will be synched in order to do the embryo transfer and you will receive an embryology report after the transfer.

Step 8

The positive signs of pregnancy- we just love it after we learn “our surrogate has achieved pregnancy.” Your surrogate is being cared by our Reproductive Endocrinologist. You will continue to receive daily updates on the surrogate and the fetus’s health by your dedicated manager.

Step 9

Finally you dreams of becoming parent come true. The delivery happens. We will assist you with all legal documents to take your baby home.

Step 10

A lasting relationship with IFC – We make hundreds of Intended parents happy after they take the baby at the end of this incredible journey. Our commitment is to be with you every step of the way!

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