Surrogacy: Helping Childless Couples to Achieve Parenthood

Surrogacy: Helping Childless Couples to Achieve Parenthood

Every couple has a dream of achieving parenthood, but this dream may not always come true for every couple. While IVF treatment is helping couples who are troubled by infertility, surrogacy comes into the picture when the woman fails to carry the child. Surrogacy helps those women who have faced multiple implantation failures or experiencing repeated miscarriages.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries the pregnancy for another woman and gives birth to the child with the sole intention of giving the baby to the intended parents. The egg and sperm from the intended parents are used to create the embryo in a laboratory. The embryo is then transferred into the uterus of surrogate mother. This whole process is carried out by specialists in a fertility clinic. Thus the surrogate only carries the pregnancy while the intended parents become the genetic parents of the child after a successful delivery.

Surrogacy in India:

India is a surrogacy friendly country. In India commercial surrogacy was legalized in 2002 and since then it has come a far way with increased technological and infrastructural developments. Surrogacy is a cost effective affair in India as compared to some other countries where it is legal.

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