Surrogacy at International Fertility Centre: An Insight

Surrogacy at International Fertility Centre: An Insight

Many times when intended parents decide to take surrogacy, they get overwhelmed by the extent of terms and procedures.

Surrogacy is a procedure or a technique whereby a woman agrees to carry a baby for a couple who are unable to do so due to unexplained infertility or other medical reasons.

Surrogacy at IFC

International Fertility Centre is one of the leading Fertility clinics, successfully running at 12 locations in India and Nepal. Success rates of IFC are more than 87%. Dr Rita Bakshi has committed her entire life for people who are unable to conceive on their own because having a baby is the most beautiful gift of God. After your thorough examination, our team of highly qualified doctors will start the necessary process for you.

The procedure of deciding a surrogate:

  • Her age should range between 23-35 years of age and should have a child.
  • Minimum 2 years should have been passed since the last childbirth.
  • Thorough blood tests for – infections, genetic diseases and metabolic rates.
  • Ultrasound and full body check-up.

After the results come out and the intended parents are satisfied with them, the following steps are taken in International Fertility Centre:

  • After the surrogate is selected, the agreement between the intended parents and surrogate is signed.
  • The ovaries of the intended mother are stimulated for collecting eggs using hormones.
  • The eggs are extracted and cultured.
  • The embryos are checked for Genetic abnormalities, and the best embryo is selected for implantation.
  • Implantation is done and the surrogate is taken complete care for 9 months.
  • Delivery of the baby and follow-ups.