Tips From International Fertility Centre To Increase Fertility

Tips From International Fertility Centre To Increase Fertility

Fertility problems have increased dramatically, with one in four couples planning to have a baby facing problems conceiving. While around nine out of 10 couples will conceive within a year of trying, thousands of couples are left desperately longing for a positive pregnancy test. Men and women alike are flooded with tips and advice on how to boost their fertility. Some of the basic things that you may know can do to help your chances, improving your diet, stop smoking, abstaining from drinking alcohol, limiting your caffeine intake and take folic acid.

Here leading IVF specialist and senior gynecologist Dr. Rita Bakshi, who specialises in women’s reproductive health, reveals her six top tips to boost fertility.

1. Men – Put your laptop on desk

Having hot baths or wearing tight underpants for men have proven to be detrimental in most cases that affect sperm health. The testes are on the outside of a man’s body to keep them cooler. However, men using laptops on their laps cause a problem with sperm health. Putting laptop by closing your legs raises the temperature of your genitals by up 2.1°C. Even if rises just 1 degree temperature, it can decrease fertility by 40 per cent.

2. Take vitamin D and have sunbath

Have good levels of vitamin D, which is manufactured through your skin in the presence of sunlight. Vitamin D helps to balance a woman’s immune system, which is important in getting and staying pregnant. Vitamin D is also important for male fertility, as low levels of this nutrient are associated with low sperm motility and more abnormal forms. If you are trying to get pregnant, soak up your body before the sun at times.

3. Try to achieve a normal weight

Being overweight or underweight can affect the ability to conceive. Losing just around 5 percent of the body weight can greatly improve ovulatory function. For those who underweight, additional diet once in a while, as well as limiting strenuous exercises, are the best suggestions

4. Moderate exercise is necessity

Get your body moving, but don’t overdo it. Between one to five hours of moderate exercise per week is recommended, however, over-exercising has also been linked to infertility.

5. Live stress-free life & sleep well

Get rid of the stressful life and try to be as free as possible. Higher levels of mental stress are associated with a longer time-to-pregnancy, increasing one’s risk of infertility. Maintaining positive moods and outlooks have been correlated with increased chances of delivering a live baby. Travel around, have fun and get going. Do whatever works to decrease your stress levels and stick to it. A lack of sleep also affects our stress levels. Sleeping less than seven to eight hours per night has been associated with depressed leptin levels throughout the following day. So sleep well, which is essential for hormone regulation, and the cornerstone of a healthy reproductive cycle.

6. Drink more water

Just as important as the foods you eat are the drinks you drink. Not drinking enough water – can lead to dehydration and negative effects upon your fertility. The more hydrated you are, the higher the chances of conception. If you’re not a big water drinker, here’s a suggestion drink up, which helps you to get pregnant.

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