What is ICSI?

What is ICSI?

ICSI is a short acronym on Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. ICSI is an Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART), procedure that integrates a healthy sperm cell, directly into the mature egg cell, in vitro condition. The use of surgical injection tool, favours fusion of sperm cell with mature egg to achieve fertilization.

The glass micro-pipette, collects a single-sperm isolated on culture medium, to lead a fusion at egg-cytoplasm. The mechanical-piercing of egg-cell wall, to reach egg-cell-mass, at the inner-loci of the oocyte; is followed by the release of isolated sperm cell. The oocyte is cultured & incubated on media plates, to reach fertilization, as end-result from ICSI procedure. ICSI, is primarily used in InVitro condition, to treat male-infertility. The secondary treatment population, includes, infertile males, not able to achieve a penetration of sperm into egg. The technique is employed as selective measure, to achieve fertilization, in case of sperm donation. The ICSI is performed as a complimentary step, to oocyte-retrieval from egg donor. The failure at fertilization, on account of inability of sperm cell, to penetrate the cell-wall of mature eggs, is curated, with Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI.

Washed or unwashed sperm cells are primed into retrieved-oocyte, in outside body conditions, in lab environment in ICSI technique. The use of bio-markers, in embryology studies, has generated false-alarm or higher false positive rate. The use of hormonal supplements for progesterone hormone in luteal support, improves success rate in ICSI cycles. The DNA fragmentation bears an impact at the success rate in ICSI procedure. There is a myth about birth defects arising in off-spring, from the use of ICSI technique, in child, born from the technique.

The present studies do-not link the inheritance of birth-defects with ICSI technique. The transfer of Hepatitis-B infection from carrier-female, to the off-spring, through ICSI technique, is another concern that can be avoided through PGD step to clean or sterilize germ-plasm from genetic traits.

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