Best Advises for Women Struggling with Infertility

Best Advises for Women Struggling with Infertility

Global Rise of Infertility Cases

Attaining parenthood is the most memorable moment for all of us. But, in this fast world, it is sad to observe that, infertility is on the upsurge globally. Busy hectic schedule and lifestyle has mainly contributed to the infertility cases. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy food habits and irregular sleeping habits has led to infertility among couples.

Late Marriages as Major Cause for Infertility

Age factor is the main cause behind infertility complication. Our ancestor used to get married at early or late 20s, which resulted in normal pregnancy and delivery of healthy babies. But, today youths have adopted motto of getting married at late 30s, which is the root cause of infertility.
Here are some of the vital points which should be followed by every couple who are having infertility issues. They are:

  • You are not alone infertile: According to latest data reports, 1 out of every 6 couples is affected by the infertility. So, just relax it is common one and there is nothing bizarre about it.
  • Don’t blame yourself: The cause of infertility can be congenital (from birth) also. So, it is your gene which is culprit and not you. Just stay relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Try for IVF treatment: You can try for IVF treatment, when your fertilized embryos are cultured in quality lab and then transferred into your womb. All the procedures are painless and sedation free. You can visit top IVF specialist in India for getting properly diagnosed and treated.
  • Egg health improvement: Take sufficient food which boosts your egg health like royal jelly, fertile greens, maca, broccoli, salmon which are enriched with multivitamins and antioxidants.
  • Avoid egg damaging diet & lifestyle: Avoid smoking, alcohol, high caffeine diet, trans fat and GMO foods. These can damage overall health of your egg and can lead to infertility.
  • As far as infertility is concerned, couples are preferring surrogacy method of attaining parenthood.

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