Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: 5 possible ways to treat it naturally

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: 5 possible ways to treat it naturally

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) occurs due to hormonal imbalances among millions of women around the world. While this disorder is rarely curable, one can manage its symptoms naturally and with doctor’s recommendation.

The symptoms of PCOS involve obesity, acne, mood disorders, polycystic ovaries, and irregular menstrual cycles. All these symptoms result in infertility and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition, one may also suffer from irregular menstrual periods, abnormal mid-cycle bleeding or heavy menstrual bleeding; or darkening of the skin in the armpits, back of the neck and even recurrent miscarriages.

We at the International Fertility Centre completely understand the seriousness of PCOS and motivate you to stay healthy while searching for IVF treatment in Delhi.

However, PCOS can be regulated through medications and hormone therapy, but one can also manage the symptoms naturally. The biggest problem with PCOS is resistance to insulin. So here are a few diet tips from to control PCOS symptoms naturally.

1. Have your Breakfast Heartily

According to a study, the timing of calorie intake greatly affects glucose, insulin and testosterone levels in our body. If a woman with PCOS eats a high-calorie breakfast on daily basis, there will be a noticeable improvement in her insulin and glucose levels. Also, the testosterone levels will drop by 50 percent as compared to women who consume heavy meals at dinnertime. A PCOS patient should limit their calorie intake towards the evening. Balancing protein intake with carbohydrates is also essential. Doctors suggest taking 5 meals a day instead of 3 heavy meals.

2. Decrease AGEs consumption

AGEs stands for Advanced Glycation End Product. According to a study, a woman with PCOS should decrease their AGEs intake as it reduces glucose levels. Foods with high AGEs content include processed and meat-based products. Another factor of increased levels of AGEs is cooking food on high flame, such as grilling and roasting. For a healthy diet, consume whole grains or sprouted grain products. One should avoid processed carbohydrates like flour, rice and potato.

3. Must-have Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements

A study found that Vitamin D and calcium supplements taken with 1500 mg of metformin daily, improves BMI, menstrual cycles and other symptoms.

4. Take Magnesium and Chromium Supplements Daily

Low magnesium levels are a common factor of diabetes. Daily consumption of Magnesium increase sensitivity towards insulin in our body. One can observe a significant improvement in insulin levels by taking only 300 mg of Magnesium overnight. Similarly like Magnesium, Chromium also works in the same way. According to a study, the minerals works in the same way as metformin does to reduce glucose levels.

5. Regular Omega-3 Supplements

PCOS can also lead to Type 2 Diabetes if not managed well in time. According to another study, women who take 3 grams of omega -3 daily observed a decline in androgen levels.

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