7 Essential Factors to Improve IVF Success Rates

7 Essential Factors to Improve IVF Success Rates

Although there are lot of infertility treatment options available, IVF (in vitro fertilization) is the most recommended one. IVF was first introduces in 1978 resulting Louise Joy Brown best known for first IVF baby in the world. Now around 5 million live IVF babies have been born out of IVF and this create a hope for infertile couples to dream for their own baby. If you are also looking for IVF than before start the procedure you must consider the below factors that are solely responsible for the IVF success rates.

1. Age
2. Previous pregnancy
3. Type of fertility problem
4. Egg Quality
5. Sperm Quality
6. Lifestyle habits
7. Fertility Clinic

1. Age – The age of a couple is the crucial part in the success rate of IVF treatment, whether it’s yours or your partner’s age. The more you get older the less the chances to conceive, as the quality of eggs and sperms reduces each passing day. It is said that if you are under 35 the chances of success in IVF procedure is more than 40% and it decreases as you gets older. The success rate of IVF in women aged above 42 is somewhere around 5-10%, according to a study.

2. Previous pregnancy – Your previous conception history is an essential factor for the IVF success. If you had a positive pregnancy with the same partner in past, the chances got increased for the procedure. Another factor is recurring miscarriage. If you had recurring miscarriage in the past, it can also reduce your chance of getting pregnant with IVF.

3. Type of fertility problem – Both male and female infertility impacts the IVF success, while most female faces the blockage of fallopian tubes, some other faces uterine abnormalities that leads to fibroid tumors that decreases the possibility of IVF success.

Point to be noted here: IVF success is dependent on ovulation. In many cases, we have seen ovarian dysfunction. Such as, high FSH which results in low ovarian reserve and it may reduce the chances of successful IVF treatment.

Another very important factor is the time length you have been infertile for. The likelihood of IVF success decreases with the amount of time a couple has been infertile.

4. Egg Qulaity – The success rate of IVF is highly affected by the quality of eggs retrieved from the female. A healthy egg will eventually increase the chances of conception via IVF.

5. Sperm QualityMale infertility is as responsible as female infertility for couple struggling for a baby. The main factor that causes male infertility is the quality of sperm. Normally a healthy adult male can release 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm in a single ejaculation. But it only requires one sperm cell meeting up with a woman’s egg cell to cause pregnancy.

It is hard to say that sperm count decreases as you get older. If the count gets lower than 20 million sperm per milliliter there is usually some trouble with fertility. Further, it could lead to low sperm count and finally ended up in Azoospermia, where there is no sperm at all to get a woman pregnant.

6. Lifestyle Habits – Your lifestyle can also be a major reason to resist you to get pregnant. Change your habits if you are planning for baby in the near future. Below are some habits you need to change:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sleeping
  • Stress
  • Junk food

You should stop smoking right away if you are planning for a baby. In fact, one should quit it 3 months before planning. Women are non-smoker are more fertile than smokers. Women who smoke often needs more drugs to stimulate compared to non-smoker women.

Alcohol put a bad impact on your over health, especially on fertility. Apart from smoking and alcohol, one should also avoid junk food, stress and take proper sleep.

7. Fertility Clinic – The clinic you choose for your journey of parenthood plays a great role in the success of the procedure. The factors you should consider in a clinic while taking a life-changing decision are:

  • The Doctor: The qualification and experience of the doctors handling the case.
  • Embryologist: A well-experienced embryologist can give a high success.
  • Live birth rate: The live birth rate per IVF cycle.
  • The overall success rate of the clinic.
  • Laboratory: It is advisable to have a dedicated own laboratory for an IVF clinic.

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