Absence of Menstrual Cycle can Interfere with the Pregnancy. Read How?

Absence of Menstrual Cycle can Interfere with the Pregnancy. Read How?

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual cycle caused due to the problem with the reproductive system. Absence of periods mainly arises during childhood, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

Causes of Amenorrhea

The most significant cause of amenorrhea is disruption of hormones. There are various factors which cause amenorrhea, including:

  • Chronic Stress
  • Weight loss
  • Heavy exercises
  • Medications used for psychological disorders
  • Hypothyroidism

Among these stress and weight loss are the major causes of amenorrhea.

Other complications that can cause amenorrhea include:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome – This disorder is characterized by multiple small cysts in the ovary. Irregular periods and facial hair (hirustism) are some of the symptoms. You would be surprised to know that females with polycystic ovarian syndrome are prone to amenorrhea when weight is put on.
  • Hyperandrogenaemia – When high levels of male sex hormones are produced, can affect the reproductive system. This condition arises due to tumors of the ovary or adrenal gland, or certain conditions present at birth.
  • Hyperprolactinaemia – In this condition the body makes high levels of the hormone prolactin.
  • Ovarian failure or early menopause – In female’s low levels of oestrogen causes the ovulation to stop, and of course it can affect the menstrual cycle.

Diagnosis of amenorrhea at International Fertility Centre

Doctors of International Fertility Centre diagnose the medical condition of amenorrhea, which include the following tests:-

  • Urine or blood test to detect pregnancy
  • Physical examination to review overall health.
  • Gynecological medical history.
  • Hormonal tests are done to check the function of pituitary glands and ovaries.
  • CT scans and ultrasounds of the reproductive system.

Treatment for Amenorrhea at International Fertility Centre

Doctors of IFC suggest losing weight if the patient is obese to prevent the underlying disorders. Hormone therapy and medicines are prescribed to the patients according to the medical condition.

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