Affordability of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in India

Affordability of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in India

In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in India

There is rapid growth in infertility cases across the world. Only elder couples can face infertility is a myth. It is proven wrong by the emergence of young couples under the age of 30 facing infertility issues. So, where to go? Whom to consult? And how can one resolve it without being insecure as sharing this could be a little alarming for the couple and people around them as well.

Now the question arises, is it really possible to have an in vitro fertilization treatment within an affordable range? If yes, then, how can one access it? If one recognizes the symptoms of infertility at an early age then, one should not delay it further and consult a specialist for the same. But there are times even after consulting the specialist, a couple could not afford the treatment simply because of the expense. So, it’s a matter of great concern for them and they should be guided with utmost sincerity for the treatment.

No help provided for infertility cases by the insurance

The most exasperating thing for a couple is that, when they finds a ray of hope for what they have been yearning for so long and could not simply get it, owing to their current financial needs.The most outrageous thing is that there is no help from insurance companies that can provide for treatments like IVF as they don’t consider it a medical issue.

Even if India has a good number of fertility centre’s available for the treatment but, then the expensive nature of the treatment is a big hurdle for the clients. India, provides the most affordable treatment with equal or greater facilities than other countries and that is why people from all over the world travel so far to get a reliable and world class in vitro fertilization treatment at an affordable price.

Factors affecting the cost of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

  • If the quality of sperm or egg of the patient is poor then, a donor is required which increases the expense of the treatment.
  • Another important aspect is that, the cost of every hospital varies depending on the infrastructure and the quality of care provided.
  • There are times when an additional procedure is required to enhance the chances of success.
  • Couples often demand embryo freezing in case they are planning for a second child.
  • The most essential factor for the success of the whole procedure is the expertise of the senior doctor performing the treatment.

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