Alarming Conditions indicating the need of ICSI Procedure

Alarming Conditions indicating the need of ICSI Procedure

ICSI is the short name given to Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It is somewhat a more futuristic technique used in IVF treatments. This process includes the selection, pickup and direct injection of a sperm into the egg.

ICSI is mainly used in cases of Male factor infertility where the natural insemination of sperm into the egg doesn’t occur. It allows putting the sperm manually into the egg using specific tolls to let the fertilization happen.

So, when is ICSI performed? How do we know that there is a need of this assisted reproduction technique? Let’s proceed to take a look on the conditions where this ICSI process is required

  • Where the morphology of the sperm is poor or you can say where the sperms have an abnormal shape.
  • Where the motility of sperms is poor or simply where the sperms are slow moving
  • In cases of Low sperm count. Generally when the sperm count is less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen sample, it is thought to be low.
  • In cases where the male is unable to release the sperm because of an obstruction like vasectomy
  • In cases where the sperm function is disturbed by the antibodies produced in Male body

ICSI is great technique allowing people to achieve parenthood in cases of male factor infertility. It is also considered to trigger a rise in the IVF success rate as best quality sperm is selected and directly injected into the egg.

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