Are you Experiencing Breast Changes During Pregnancy?

Are you Experiencing Breast Changes During Pregnancy?

Your breasts experience rapid changes as soon as you’re pregnant naturally or through IVF treatment. Your hormones play a great role in causing physical changes in your body. Small to big changes can be seen among which breast changes are the big ones. You may observe few of the symptoms or all of it as follows:

1 Bigger in size: Fatty issues begin to accumulate and blood flow increases in your breasts to support growth of milk ducts and mammary glands.

2. They turn heavier: With increased blood flow and enlarged glandular tissues, your breasts will swell up. Also, your breasts begin to store fluids to due to high levels of estrogen and progesterone.

3. They may hurt: Your breasts become extremely sensitive and tender. The excessive content of fluids, blood and tissues might leave them aching.

4. Veiny Breasts: You might see blue colored veins on your breasts as your veins dilate with increased blood flow.

5. Become nipply: Your nipples turn more defined, usually bulging outwards and the areolas turn bigger and darker.

6. They may leak milk: You might observe yellowish discharge from your nipples, which is called the initial milk produced in the midway of pregnancy and post delivery.

7. Turn Stretchy: The sudden growth and swelling of breast leads to of skin tissues, making your breasts stretchy. You can apply a moisturizing cream to avoid drying and further stretching of breast area.

8. Give them good support: Once you enter your pregnancy phase, your breasts need more support than other. Opt for support bras with wide shoulder straps made of breathable fabric. This will provide all-day comfort throughout day and night. You can also wear a sports bra while sleeping at night.

Closing Thoughts

Breast care should be your prime concrn when pregnant. Maintaining proper breast care will also lower your chance of uneven breast size or complications in breastfeeding. Do not wear underwire during your breast feeding phase. You can use coconut oil by gently massaging your breasts. This will help treat visible stretch marks. Also, get regular breast examinations done by your doctor to avoid any complications.

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