Aryan International Fertility Centre, Gurugram: Life Line for Infertile Couples

Aryan International Fertility Centre, Gurugram: Life Line for Infertile Couples

Why Aryan IFC is becoming brand in Fertility Clinic?

Aryan International Fertility Centre, located at Gurugram in the state of Haryana is impregnated with high quality based surrogacy and IVF treatment for childless couples. Our fertility clinic is mushrooming in other parts of India along with Nepal. With the presence of 10+ fertility centres all over India, we continuously strive to bring a smile on the face of infertile couples by making them attaining the pleasure of parenthood through modern ART (assisted reproductive technology).

What makes us different from our others?

Dr Rita Bakshi (India’s No. 1 IVF Specialist) with a long experience of more than 34+ years in infertility treatment of both male and female is backed with a well-qualified team of world’s best in class embryologists, clinicians, Gynecologists & obstetricians have succeeded in delivering more than +5000 of healthy and successful IVF babies through ART technique.

Know our India’s most affordable services

We offer affordable services like IUI, IVF, Natural Cycle IVF, ICSI, Cryopreservation, Sperm Freezing, Egg & Ovarian Tissue Freezing, Embryo Freezing, Blastocyst, Assisted laser hatching, PGD, PESA/TESA, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and many others.

Making Cordial relations with Childless Couples

With firm belief by strengthening infertile patient trust, we have been implemented with well-built assurance. We possess a strong clinical institution specially designed to pay attention to the specific patient requirement with the lowest cost of healthcare available in India. Leaping towards the level of Premier ART facility & better affluence at both domestic and international infertility couples targeting fertility treatment, we have broad participation at diverse speciality conventions and visibility in online customer forums, online support groups, media forums and dedicated online resources.

At Aryan International Fertility Centre, the ethical behaviour, affordable services, clinical reliability with good success rates of fertilisation and pregnancy rates have helped to move our pillars of success in a new direction. So, for a happy parenting experience, you are most welcome at our fertility clinic.