Assisted Hatching Technique at International Fertility Centre

Assisted Hatching Technique at International Fertility Centre

There are several issues which are responsible for infertility in women. Science has devised several tools and techniques to solve the infertility problems. Assisted hatching technique is also one of the important techniques which enable fertility in women.

What Is Assisted Hatching Technique?

Assisted hatching technique facilitates the implantation of embryo into the uterine wall of a woman. It is done by creating a gap in the shell of the embryo. This small gap in the shell helps the embryo hatch out of zona pellucida (outer shell). If the thickness of the shell increases, it decreases the ability to implant into the uterine wall. The increase in the thickness of shell depends upon many unknown factors, but age is one of the most important reasons

Assistant Hatching in IFC

International fertility centre with its world class technology provides latest laser- assisted hatching. Laser assisted hatching is a gentle and safe procedure to make the part of zona pellucida (outer shell) brittle.

Advantages of Laser Assisted Hatching:

  • Minimal handling of embryo
  • It provides rapid and exact control over drilling of the hole in the shell of embryo.
  • Assistant hatching technique is usually performed complimentary in all our IVF cycles where required.
  • At IFC , Assistant Hatching Technique is performed for those women who are more than 38 years.
  • Women with repeated IVF failures are also treated with assisted hatching technique.

Who Needs Assisted Hatching Technique?

  • Women with Higher FSH
  • Women who is above 38 years and using their own eggs
  • Women with frequent IVF Failure
  • Women with poor responders (less than three embryos)
  • Severe endometriosis
  • Women whose embryo has thick Zona Pellucida (outer shell), which is more than 17 Microns.

International fertility centre has good success rate with Assisted Hatching. And the substantial improvement is recorded in the pregnancy rates of those women who were above 38 years.

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