Best option to become a Father with Male Factor Infertility?

Best option to become a Father with Male Factor Infertility?

It is said that being a mother or a father is a blessing. It is true technically as well, as the doctors say that achieving fertility is a difficult task, but its no more impossible with the help of advanced medical procedures. There are many methods available for women to get help with conception; on the contrary, due to lack of knowledge, it becomes impossible for males to share about their fertility issues. Moreover, this subject is not openly talked about. Men are unsure about how the society will react if they discuss this particular problem. Being shameful in their family and community, the subject remains unexplored and suppressed.

But, there’s good news for men who face fertility issues. Let’s have a look.

Male Factor Infertility

The male fertility depends on several factors. There are different treatments for different issues that depend on the cause of male infertility. Couples who desire to have their own biological baby,various forms of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) are giving hope to them.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is one of the treatments under Assisted Reproductive Technologies that has become prominent forall types of male factor infertility.. ICSI is perodromed in those cases where men have less sperm count, bad morphological sperm, high level of seminal antibodies, or sperm motility problem issues. There may be other reasons that your IVF specialist can also tell after your diagnosis.

Since the success rates with this technique are quite high i.e. at least 70 percent more and more men are becoming fathers with a healthy offspring. ICSI can be the best way for you too to achieve fatherhood.

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