Why is Blastocyst Transfer better than a day 3 Transfer?

Why is Blastocyst Transfer better than a day 3 Transfer?

An IVF cycle involves retrieval of eggs and sperms from the intended parents and then putting them together in a lab for fertilization purpose to create an Embryo. The embryo thus formed is generally transferred in to the womb of intended mother on the 2nd or 3rd day. Sometimes a day 3 transfer doesn’t give successful results and cause an IVF failure. To avoid this situation the embryos are left to grow for 2or3 days more to reach the 5 or 6 day stage and a blastocyst transfer is performed.

What exactly is Blastocyst Transfer?

Blastocyst is an advance embryo which is developed for about 5-6 days, after fertilization. Most of the fertilized eggs develop into a 3 day old embryo, but roughly half of them reach to the 5th day or the blastocyst stage. These embryos reaching the 5 day stage are thought to be more viable have potential to increase the chances of successful implantation leading to higher chances of pregnancy.

Who need Blastocyst Transfer?

Those couples who have undergone unsuccessful IVF cycles or IVF/ICSI in-spite of having good quality eggs are the best candidates for a blastocyst culture. It will allow selecting the best quality embryo for implantation and increases the chances of achieving a pregnancy.


If an embryo has any kind of defect, it will stop growing after a while. If this defective embryo is transferred in a day 3 procedure, it may be implanted successfully but most probably it will result in a miscarriage causing an IVF failure. A blastocyst transfer helps to allow this kind of situation. Following are some other advantages of a Blastocyst transfer:

  • Increases the IVF success rate
  • Reduces the rate of early miscarriages
  • It also enables couples to have healthier babies as abnormal or defective embryos have fewer chances of survival and don’t reach the blastocyst stage
  • It is easier to perform PGD on a blastocyst than on a 3-day embryo

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