Can I take Metformin in Pregnancy?

Can I take Metformin in Pregnancy?

Every pregnancy demands special care and safety to have a healthy pregnancy. This is why, would-be mothers become extra careful about what they eat and when they eat. There are many factors involved to help you have a healthy baby without any birth defects. Apart from lifestyle and dietary changes, you might require you take additional multivitamins and folic acid supplements, especially in the first trimester until your pregnancy settles down completely. Also, self-medication is not advisable and you should take medications prescribed by doctor only. This is because, it may put your baby at risk of birth defects.

Why Metformin is used?

It is an oral medication given to treat cases of type 2 Diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Type 2 Diabetes occurs in women with high blood sugar content and PCOS is a disorder where small cysts develop on the ovaries of women.

This is where Metformin helps to bring blood sugar content in control and hence, lower risk of birth defects in your baby or pregnancy complications. Now the question arises, how safe is Metformin?

Metformin when trying to conceive

Metformin has helped many women to conceive. Women with PCOS experience irregular menstrual cycles making it difficult for them to conceive. In such a case, they are recommended to take Metformin to bring blood sugar levels in control and lose that extra body weight gained due to PCOS.

But the question remains, can you take Metformin during pregnancy?

Can I take Metformin post conception?

There has been no proven evidence stating that Metformin increases chances of birth defects or complications in baby. Hence, your doctor may encourage you to continue taking Metformin during your complete pregnancy period, depending upon your medical history and growing baby’s health. Also, women prone to developing gestational diabetes are given Metformin.

Closing Thoughts

Many studies have been done regarding the safety of metformin in pregnancy but there has been no proven evidence stating that Metformin causes any birth defects in baby or any other pregnancy complications. It is also said that Metformin can be taken while breastfeeding, only if required.

Metformin is known to be regularly advised for patients with PCOS and is usually advised in such patients wanting to get pregnant and are advised to continue till pregnancy and is proven to be quite safe for doing so.

Women with PCOS require Metformin treatment in order to conceive. So if you are having PCOS and planning for pregnancy, you should visit best gynecologist and seek proper treatment.

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