When to consider Surrogacy for realizing your Parenthood Dreams

When to consider Surrogacy for realizing your Parenthood Dreams

Surrogacy stands out as the best possible option in cases where the woman is unable to carry the child. There may be an array of medical reasons making it difficult for the woman to carry her pregnancy. Here is a list of some medical reasons which can put you in a situation to choose surrogacy to realize your parenting dream:

Repeated Miscarriages:

Repeated miscarriages can be really demotivating and can be scary as you may lose the hope of having a baby. If you have a history of repeated miscarriages, you may need a surrogate to carry your child for a successful pregnancy.

In case of Hysterectomy:

If you have undergone a Hysterectomy because of any medical conditions like uterine fibroids or Uterus cancer etc. leading to the removal of uterus, you’ll need a surrogate to carry your pregnancy.

Fear of Passing on the Genetic Disorder:

If any of the partners are struggling with genetic disorders, there are chances of passing it on your kids. In such cases to avoid genetic disorders to pass on to your children, surrogacy can be a good option.

Complicated Past Pregnancies:

Child bearing can be very difficult and traumatic for some woman. If you have experienced serious complications in your previous pregnancies putting you and your child’s life at a risk, you may go for surrogacy as a safer option.


Infertility may seem an obvious reason to consider surrogacy. However, the first option in infertility cases can be IVF or other such techniques of assisted reproduction. In case all of these fail and the reports suggest that you won’t be able to carry the child to the full term, you may need a surrogate to bear the pregnancy for you.

Existing Health Issues:

If you have any serious health Condition like heart problem which can make it highly risky for you to carry the pregnancy, you may choose surrogacy as the alternate option.

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