Dr Rita Bakshi in An Interview With Times of India

Dr Rita Bakshi in An Interview With Times of India

Dr. Rita Bakshi, an IVF specialist of Delhi-based International Fertility Centre in a recent interview with Times of India correspondent Neha Bhayana, explains the approach of natural IVF offers effective results, more affordable than conventional IVF.

Natural IVF shows ‘good’ results than standard IVF. “Of my patients 25% who take natural route conceive compared to 50% cent of those treated with typical IVF,” says Dr Rita Bakshi, IVF specialist at the IFC in an interview with Times of India correspondent Neha Bhayana, in its September 6 edition, published on Sunday.

Natural IVF works within a woman’s normal monthly cycle to collect the one egg her ovaries naturally release. The single resultant embryo is implanted in her uterus so there is no chance of multiple births. Patients also find natural IVF less stressful and more affordable than conventional IVF. “Even if it takes four attempts to get pregnant with natural IVF, the overall cost is less than if the woman underwent two rounds of the drug-intensive treatment,” Dr. Rita told the reporter.

For the young and old lately, several infertility clinics in India have started offering natural IVF along with two other ‘gentle’ methods, modified natural IVF and mild IVF. These involve lower doses of drugs for a shorter duration compared to the standard procedure. The International Fertility Centre conducts natural IVF for around eight patients. Natural IVF is one of several available options and works perfectly even for older women. Women over 38 are recommended natural IVF as they often produce only two-three eggs even when given the “highest doses” of stimulant drugs. Our doctors also recommend natural IVF to patients who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) as they are at higher risk for hyperstimulation — some producing as many as 50 eggs after injections.

Most clinics don’t offer natural IVF despite its better results than standard IVF. The basic reason is that the procedure requires high maintenance from a skilled doctor and his staff needs to be available round the clock to retrieve the egg from a patient’s ovaries as soon as it matures.

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