Fibroids can Affect Women’s Fertility and Pregnancy

Fibroids can Affect Women’s Fertility and Pregnancy

Fibroid is a lump or a tumor in the women’s uterus. It is generally created by the fibrous connective tissue, which is actually a smooth muscle. It develops anywhere in the uterus. About half of the female population suffers from this disorder. These tumors are non-cancerous.

Why Fibroids develop?

The exact reason of its development is not yet clear. Fibroid initiates through the aberrant muscles, which is in the uterus. The muscle cell increases in number due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone hormone.

Potential signs of Fibroid

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Shooting pain in the pelvic region (because of the tumor which creates pressure on the pelvic organ.)
  • There is pain in the lower back
  • Need to urinate more frequently
  • Deep pain during intercourse
  • If the tumor mass develops near the pelvic, it creates firm mass in the middle of the pelvis.

Fibroid and its affect on Fertility and Pregnancy

  • Fibroid can be a hindrance in becoming pregnant
  • Fibroid may obstruct fertilized egg from getting implanted in the uterus and can cause a miscarriage
  • Post partum hemorrhage
  • Fibroid may cause early delivery
  • Odd position of baby
  • Obstructed labor

How Fibroid treated?

If there are not any alarming symptoms of fibroids, there is no need to go for any treatment. When a woman reaches menopause, fibroid stops developing and get shrinked. In this condition you only need to be watchful, as it doesn’t cause any harm. If you still feel that your fibroid needs some kind of treatment, please contact Dr. Rita Bakshi , India’s well known gynecologist , we will support you to the best of ability.

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