Get Prepared for Pregnancy with Yoga

Get Prepared for Pregnancy with Yoga

Even if you are a beginner in the field of yoga, you can feel a great advantage of yogic practices during pregnancy, as most of the practices are easy to perform and are well within the capacity of pregnant women.

Some selected yogic asanas emphasis on strengthening of certain parts of woman’s body which helps in successful pregnancy and safe delivery.

Suggested yogic practices to brace an important body parts which plays a pivotal role throughout pregnancy and during delivery are:

Stomach muscles- Abdominal region in very important as it carries a baby. It should be strong enough to carry that much weight. Strengthening of stomach muscles is also required because it helps to push a child from the womb during delivery.

Asanas for stomach muscles: Shashankasana, Supt vajra asana, Mataya asana and shakti Sanchaclan series will help a lot.

Spine- To maintain a general flexibility and proper functioning of nervous system, a strong and healthy spine is required. It is also required, when because of extra weight drooping of shoulders occur, it gives vitality to shoulders to stay in shape.

Asanas for healthy spine: Vajrasana, Marjariasana (cat pose), Bhujanga asana and Surya namaskara.

Back muscles- Child’s extra weight; put a great deal of strain on the back muscles. Added strength in the area of back muscles is required during pregnancy.

Asanas for back muscles: Bhujanga asana, Pashchimottan asana, Halasana and Vajrasana.

Pelvis: For easy child birth it is very important that the pelvic area should be kept flexible and relaxed.

Asanas for pelvis flexibility: Marjari asana (cat pose), Shashankasana and Matasyaasana. Crossed leg poses and all squatting poses like, Sidha yoni asanas are very beneficial in this respect.

One can practice these preparatory asanas during the first three months of pregnancy, and after this one may continue, but under some professional guidance.

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