Is ICSI treatment a blessing for infertile couples?

Is ICSI treatment a blessing for infertile couples?

ICSI Treatment is a modern latest technique of the traditional IVF procedure to increase the possibility of fertility. This helps in improving sperm quality and its motility.

In this process sperm and egg are collected in the same manner as in In Vitro Fertilization. Although sperm is mixed with the egg and a single sperm of the best quality is selected. This is further injected directly into the mature egg. It’s allows for fertilization, and then process of usual IVF takes place. The embryo transferred to the uterus for further growth and development.

ICSI is applied in the following conditions at IFC

  • If the sperm count is low.
  • If sperm motility is poor
  • Absence of sperm in the semen
  • If vas deferens is damaged or absent.
  • Poor sperm quality during ejaculation
  • Sometimes, immunological factors also contribute for high white blood cell count in the semen can lead to infertility.
  • Other conditions that prevent the fertilization of the egg
  • If IVF has been failed in the past.
  • If woman has a low ovarian reserve.
  • Low quality eggs.

Why ICSI used at International fertility Centre

ICSI is used for the treatment of male-factor infertility. Male with a low sperm count, poor quality sperm or poor sperm motility or the presence of antisperm antibodies, ICSI treatment is suggested by the doctors. In past days, sperm related problems were quite disappointing due to unavailability of medical treatments. But nowadays with the scientific invention of ICSI treatment is a ray of hope among infertile couples.

Treatment of ICSI at International Fertility Centre

Many childless couples who paced at IFC got blessed with a baby with the treatment of Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection. The success rates of attaining parenthood with ICSI are highest in International fertility centre.

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