In Virto Maturation

In Virto Maturation

In Virto Maturation is a process similar to IVF approach, where oocyte is removed, at immature stage from Fallopian tube. The eggs are incubated in lab to maturity level, before micro-manipulation in micro-environment to create fertile embryos.

IVM or In Vitro Maturation is a preferred method, over IVF In Vitro Fertilization, in outspread or manifestation of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome and Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome, in expectant females. The IVM is also preferred technique, where male infertility is detected in infertility examination.

The female immature eggs, so isolated by surgical retrieval, are incubated in lab incubator, to reach maturity levels. The mature oocyte cells are then articulated to fertilization with sperm cells to create healthy embryo or zygote cell. The zygote is transferred back or implanted in uterine lining of the carrier female.

IVM has merit over IVF, since hormonal stimulation is not required in IVM. The participating female i.e. Expectant mother or surrogate female or egg donor is spared from the associated pain sensation, resulting from hormonal injections, to reach super-ovulation. The cost of IVM treatment is lesser in comparison to IVF. The lesser spread of IVM technique is assigned to recent discovery of this method. IVM is admissible at antral follicle stage, around 2-12 mm diameter, early in the follicular phase, just before final maturation of oocyte cells. The lab incubation of immature oocyte cells is able to transcend nuclear maturation, without intermittent steps of the luteinisation signal & cytoplasmic. This event is characterized by failure to reach normal calcium signaling stage, during egg sperm fusion.

The IVM carries similar success rates, to IVF treatment. The steps at medical diagnostics or medical tests are similar in both IVM & IVF procedures. The chances or number of oocyte maturity is lesser in IVM technique, in comparison to IVF procedure. IVM offers a solution at disposal or utilization of excess immature embryos, generated in IVF/ICSI techniques. Implantation rates are lower in IVM, due to high occurrence of aneuploid cells, in the embryo generated through IVM technique.

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