Infertility Investigations – Part I

Infertility Investigations – Part I

One year after the marriage. No Pregnancy occurs. Confusion, social pressure from family and peers all adds leads to chaos among couples struggling with infertility concerns. The biggest question is what are the obstructions on the road to parenthood? And what are the main reasons for not being able to get pregnant?

Do these questions perturb you? Are you longing for the answers? At International Fertility Centre, let’s help you with an infertility investigations.

A couple is considered to be infertile if they have had unprotected vaginal intercourse for a year and still have not conceived. In women, whose age is above 35-years-old, investigations for infertility just begin after trying for six months.

Investigations for infertility begin with a detailed history of your reproductive health and a thorough marital history. Normally, a couple has intercourse at least 2-3 times in a week. If the history reveals, that the couple is having infrequent intercourse, they may be advised to wait for the ovulation period and their case will be reviewed after 3-6 months.

The second important step is a thorough physical examination for both the partners. A couple may have some issues such as sexual dysfunction, feeling stressed, or misconceptions about sex. Couselling will usually fix the problem, however, if the problem is serious then move on to the serious stage.

Importance of timing-the fertile period

For every successful conception, timing is everything. The best thing is to know the right time to have intercourse in order to conceive. A woman who has a period of every 28-30 days, ovulation will fall between the 12th and 16th days. (the day, period starts is considered the first day of the cycle). A couple must engage intercourse starting from the 11th or 12th day of the cycle, on alternate days, till about the 20th day of the cycle. These days are considered the best days of your fertility window. In other words, these days are the fertile part of the cycle. However, if a woman has irregular cycle, she needs a medication to ensure ovulation occurs at the right time and the similar method is followed.

Investigating the male partner

It is not only women should be investigated for not being able to get pregnant. Investigating the male partner is equally important for every successful conception. The best and simple procedure to test male partner’s fertility is to go for the semen analysis. It is advised that the male partner should avoid intercourse for three-four days prior to the test. Semen analysis will determine the number of sperms present in the semen, the motility and the morphology (the shape and the size). All the factors have significant part on the road to successful conception.

Note: This is the first part of the Infertility Investigations and the more details will be followed in the series of this blog edition.

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