International Fertility Centre: Surrogacy Services at its Finest

International Fertility Centre: Surrogacy Services at its Finest

The warm touch of an infant, the gladdening smile of a baby, the first time the baby opens its eyes and look into yours- you realize the presence of another human being for which you will measure any heights to protect and nurture. For some women, this happiness comes suddenly and unannounced but the rest have to undergo tons of medical procedure just to experience that bundle of joy.

Surrogacy Services in International Fertility Centre:

International Fertility Centre is one of the leading fertility centres in the country, successfully running in India and Nepal. It is offering various infertility treatments like IVF with or without donor egg, IUI, PESA/TESA, ICSI, Surrogacy with or without donor egg and many more.

Surrogacy is a blessing for people who have failed to conceive after having undergone various Assisted Reproductive Techniques. It is a procedure in which one woman agrees to carry the baby for a couple who cannot conceive on their own. The sperms and eggs are collected from you (the intended parents) and then are made to fertilize outside. The embryos are then implanted in the surrogate which then nurtures and harbours the baby by the time of delivery.

Why Choose IFC for Surrogacy:

Dr.Rita Bakshi herself picks the surrogates for you. In IFC, the surrogates are made to undergo number of tests like background checks, ultrasound, full body check-ups, pelvic screening, blood tests for genetic issues and pathology in any part of the body.

  • We have successfully delivered over 4000 surrogate babies.
  • Committed team of doctors who make sure that every woman should experience the joy of motherhood.
  • Pocket- friendly prices because money should never hamper your right to have a baby.
  • Easy to get egg donors if the intended parent is infertile.
  • Thorough paper work between you and the surrogate.
  • Given proper medical care to the surrogate at all times.
  • PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is a technique to check the baby’s genes in embryonic stage which determines a healthy baby with your genes.
  • Lifelong relationship and interaction with IFC

Get world class Surrogacy Services at the most affordable prices with high Success Rates. Consult Us now by submitting your queries in the section mentioned below or write us at [email protected]