Is ICSI Treatment more effective than IVF?

Is ICSI Treatment more effective than IVF?

What is ICSI Treatment?

When it comes to infertility, most people think about IVF, but there hardly any knowledge about ICSI. It is a term used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedure to treat male infertility. It involves injection of a single sperm directly into the mature egg.

Who needs ICSI treatment?

ICSI is usually meant for male partners who experience the following symptoms:

  • Low or zero sperm count
  • Abnormal sperm structure or poor sperm movement
  • Suffering from vasectomy
  • Difficulty in erection and ejaculation
  • An unsuccessful vasectonomy treatment

If you have undergone IVF before, you can follow ICSI treatment if the amount of eggs retrieved is insufficient to carry out a successful pregnancy.

What is the process of ICSI treatment?

  • A delicate and sharp is used to disable and catch a sperm
  • The same needle is inserted carefully through the shell of the egg (zona) into the core of the egg (cytoplasm).
  • Once the sperm injection in the cytoplasm occurs, the needle is removed immediately.
  • On the very next day, the eggs are monitored to examine whether the eggs are getting fertilized or not.

Does ICSI have more pregnancy success rates than IVF?

ICSI treatment is one of the commonly used techniques in Assisted Reproductive Technology after a failed IVF cycle. With the introduction of ICSI treatment in India, it has led to the birth of 1000s of babies around the world. ICSI success rates are quite similar to that of typical IVF. However, an average success ratio is above 40%. Your fertility specialist can also give you an idea about the possibility of success through ICSI.

What are the benefits of ICSI?

ICSI offers you to have your own biological even if other options failed. If your male partner faces difficulty in ejaculation, sperm can extracted instead of eggs for ICSI.

ICSI is highly effective for couples with unexplained infertility; however, fertility experts don’t have any evidence whether ICSI has higher pregnancy success than IVF. The children born through ICSI hold no appealing evidence that occurrence of birth defects is different with ICSI or IVF compared with children of similar age and health.

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