How IVF Can Help You Conceive

How IVF Can Help You Conceive

IVF is a procedure in which mature ova is fertilized with male-sperm, outside the body environment. The initial monitoring and stimulation of female cycle results in super-ovulation. Super-ovulation is followed by removal of mature egg, or oocyte retrieval. The ovum or egg collected, are fused with fertile sperm cells, isolated on petri plates, containing nutrient media.

The embryo obtained is cultured for a minimum of two days to a maximum of six days. The end result of incubation of embryo is marked by multi-cell cellular embryo mass, at cleavage or blastocyte embryo. The embryo at this development stage is implanted in the womb or uterine cavity of the expectant female. IVF is a better fertility option, for woman preferably under age of 35 years, at attempting pregnancy and successful child birth.

The use of IVF is supported in following conditions:

  • Endometriosis tissue resembling the uterus lining has faulty growth outside the uterus cavity, potentially causing infertility.
  • Male factor infertility, a low sperm count or poor sperm motility impedes fertilization.
  • Fallopian tube impairment i.e. blocked, damaged, or absent fallopian tube that result in a difficulty at fertilization of egg.
  • Unexplained infertility

The optimal treatment age for IVF is between 23-39 years, as proved by lab studies. The different ovarian function, has a significant impact, at the success of IVF include number of oocyte, maternal age & duration of infertility or sub fertility. A positive result at conception is proved by a Beta HCG test, after 15 days of transfer. IVF has an average success rate of 40%, and by third attempt, cumulative chances of successful pregnancy reaches 80%.

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