Maximum Success Rates of Fertility by IUI Treatment

Maximum Success Rates of Fertility by IUI Treatment

We are living in a modern era, which has made our life easy and comfortable. But sometimes this comfort can create difficulty in our physiological health. Both male and females of today’s life are very ambitious and progressive. For fulfillment of their dreams either they don’t take care of their health or take decision of marrying after settlement of their carrier goals. This arises problems of infertility, but with the development of latest modern technology infertility rates has been reduced to much extent and results in healthy reproductive cycle. Intrauterine insemination is one of them, is a procedure involves placing of sperm into a woman’s uterus when ovulation is initiated. It is used for couples with infertility, or male factor infertility, or women with cervical mucus problems.

Infertility is treatable with IUI include the following cases:

1. Unexplained infertility: Most of the times, infertility is diagnosed, but the exact causes are not identified. In such case IUI is remarkable as it carries the healthy gestation period in females.

2. Sexually transmitted disease: AIDs, gonorrhea or other STDs can cause infertility or severe infections; however, IUI treatment is valuable.

IUI Treatment in Delhi

For successful conception in females, ovulation process is involved. For a healthy pregnancy at least one fallopian tube should be opened.

Sperm sample is taken to perform the following procedure. Each IUI treatment is referred to as a “cycle” – the time from the first day of menstruation to ovulation. Pregnancy test two weeks later is done after insemination.

Success Rates of IUI

The success rate of IUI in India is dependent on various factors. The cause of the infertility problem enables the doctors to provide the best IUI treatments to patients. According to medical professionals patients should not visit the clinic only due to success rates instead of it reviews, testimonials can also be trustful.