How Much do you Know About Natural In Vitro Fertilization

How Much do you Know About Natural In Vitro Fertilization

Natural IVF is a treatment in which one egg is collected from the normal monthly cycle egg release. This process is performed by monitoring the women’s menstrual cycle through monthly ultrasound. In the tenth day of monthly cycle the selected egg is retrieved and fertilized with the sperm. After fertilization the subsequent embryo is then implanted in the uterus. Natural IVF uses the natural ovulation process of the body. This process doesn’t use any kind of follicle- stimulating drugs to enhance egg production. Natural IVF treatment is best option for cancer patients, as they are unable to take any fertility drugs.

Advantages of Natural IVF are:

  • In this process we utilize the normal ovulation process of the body.
  • There is less risk of multiple births as compared to conventional IVF.
  • Natural IVF is process were we don’t use stimulating drugs, so there is no risk of hyper- stimulation in it.
  • It is less discomforting.

Natural IVF at IFC

  • International fertility centre is the largest IVF in India. It is the first network of IVF clinics which provides safe and successful natural IVF treatment with maximum success rate.
  • We are the leaders in fertility treatment India with ISO 2011 certified facility.
  • International fertility centre have well equipped laboratory with world class latest technology. Here the working staff and doctors are highly qualified and well trained.
  • Dr Rita Bakshi, chairperson of international fertility centre, is one of the India’s foremost experts on natural IVF. She had more than 25 years of experience and prefers to do all the procedures herself.
  • We provide cost effective fertility treatment in India. There is a transparency in IVF cost at our centre. You can easily afford our treatments as we don’t allow any middle man involvement. And there are no hidden charges as compare to other clinics.

Our aim in natural IVF is to retrieve one good egg, make one good embryo, and produce one healthy baby.

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