Paving way for Infertile Males to Fatherhood: International Fertility Centre

Paving way for Infertile Males to Fatherhood: International Fertility Centre

When the fertility doctor informs couples that they can’t have because of the males, the world of the male counterparts come crashing down. It not only becomes the naked truth of their life but a frantic problem that they can do almost nothing about. Male infertility still is highly emasculating and stigmatizing. Men sometimes feel excluded and ignored because their wives seem to get all the attention and care in the fertility clinics. We here at International Fertility Centre make sure that you get a safe space to speak up and discuss your problems openly.

Reasons for Infertility in Males:

  • Genetic disorders like absence of vas deferens
  • Sedentary Lifestyles
  • Irreversible Vasectomy
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Unexplained Infertility

How International Fertility Centre takes care of these problems?

If you have encountered these problems in past or are facing them right now, you need to meet with a specialized doctor who will then put you up on series of tests which will help you to understand the problem. As soon as you are aware of the problem, you can start the treatment and concerning procedures right away. Our experienced team of embryologists and urologists in International Fertility Centre make sure that you have the most comfortable experience and it doesn’t become too hard on your pocket as well.

The techniques which will help you achieve parenthood in International Fertility Centre are:

1. Intra Uterine Insemination: This technique is taken into consideration if there is premature ejaculation and very less or zero motility in the sperms. International Fertility Centre is one of the best fertility clinics in India if you are looking for IUI procedure to start a family. Our success rate is 31% which is much higher than 15% which is the worldwide success rate for IUI. Our doctors also provide you with excellent counselling with pocket-friendly costs of the procedure

2. In-vitro Fertilization: It is a technique which helps the couples with infertility to conceive. The eggs and sperms are collected from intended mother and father respectively and are made to fertilize in a controlled environment. After 3-5 days, the fertilized eggs are implanted in the intended mother’s uterus. In International Fertility Centre, all diagnostic tests are done so that your procedure can be started as soon as possible. Our highly qualified doctors maintain a priority in determining your problem so that best possible procedure is recommended for you.

3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: In this procedure, a single sperm is injected into the egg, outside body. ICSI is an advanced stage of IVF which deals with the sperm based issues. In International Fertility Clinic, our doctors are exceptionally trained in ICSI, PESA and TESA. If you have failed ICSI in past, our doctors take special procedures to increase your chances of conception.

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