PGS Technique helps to attain Parenthood after the age of 35

PGS Technique helps to attain Parenthood after the age of 35

Changing lifestyle and reproductive problems are some of the reasons of infertility. However, the introduction of some modern scientific techniques helps in attaining parenthood. Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is one of them, is a medical screening of the embryo for assessment of the abnormal chromosomes.

PGS can be offered to

Doctors of International Fertility Centre suggest for genetic screening as it is always a safer way to choose an embryo for implantation.

Doctors of IFC suggest for genetic screening of embryos, mainly if:

  • If patients are over 35 and have a higher chance of having a baby with a chromosome problem
  • If the patient has a heredity problem of chromosome problems
  • Past history of recurrent miscarriages
  • If the patient had several unsuccessful cycles of IVF
  • Sometimes partner’s sperm can be of high risk of having chromosome problems.

How does PGS work at International Fertility Centre?

The procedure for PGS is likely to be as follows:

  • Process of PGS is almost like IVF treatment for the collection and fertilization of eggs.
  • Embryo growth in the laboratory for two – three days until the cell division and the embryo comprises of about eight cells.
  • An expert embryologist removes one or two of the cells from the embryo.
  • Inspection of the chromosomes to see the no. of it and whether it is normal or not.
  • Healthy Embryos are transplanted to the womb for further development.
  • Remaining embryos, which are of best quality, could be frozen for later use.

Treatment of PGS at International Fertility Centre

Early miscarriages and recurrent implantation failure in IVF despite the transfer of best quality, chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo are the most frequent.

Eggs and sperms are taken from a normal healthy young couple. Age factors also matters if the woman is older. Bad quality of eggs or poor sperm quality of man can be the reason of abnormal embryos.

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