Smoking, Poor Diet and Stress makes 15% of Men Infertile in Delhi

Smoking, Poor Diet and Stress makes 15% of Men Infertile in Delhi

Sedentary living has affected both men and women significantly, especially in Delhi. The addiction of smoking, more inclination towards eating junk food and increased stress levels creates a haywire in body’s hormonal balance. This directly impacts a man’s or women’s fertility potential.

When we talk about male infertility in India, factors like smoking cigarettes, eating fast foods often, drinking a lot a of alcohol, poor sleep and inadequate exercise render infertility.

Around 15% of men in Delhi have infertility due to stress, smoking, obesity and high stress levels.

Apart from this, the high air pollution levels in Delhi also have greatly affected male fertility increasing the chances of miscarriage due to loss of sexual desire. Reduced testosterone or estrogen level is the main cause behind lowered libido in men, thereby hindering the sex life. The rapidly growing levels of ozone, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter results in poor sperm quality.

However, eating a healthy diet full of antioxidants including tomatoes, melon, carrots, walnuts, and pomegranate etc. is best to have a good fertility health. A regular multivitamins course will be helpful too.

Water is the simplest method to increase sperm count and quality. Semen is water based so high liquid intake will directly improve sperm production. When it comes to male fertility, weight plays a key role as obese men with poor exercise regime are prone to become infertile. Hence, it is better to bring changes to diet and follow a routine exercise regime for better fertility health.

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