Surrogacy Services At Its Best – International Fertility Centre

Surrogacy Services At Its Best – International Fertility Centre

Every woman who desires to become a mother whether she is aged, infertile or is suffering from any disability to reproduce, deserves a boon in her life. Surrogacy is one such blessing for such woman. Surrogate mothers are a matter of acknowledgement and appreciation for doing what they provide to other infertile couples.

Surrogacy at International Fertility Centre

International Fertility Centre is headquartered in Delhi with 14 more national and international locations. It is a worldly renowned fertility centre offering various infertility treatments such as IVF with and without donor egg or sperm, IUI, ICSI, PESA/TESA, Laparoscopy, PGD, Surrogacy with and without donor and many more.

Surrogacy at IFC is delivered at the highest success rate of 90% in Delhi. More than 4000 surrogate babies have been already delivered at International Fertility Centre and the number is showing a persistent increase. Highly skilled gynecologists at IFC are determined to fulfill dreams of motherhood and parenthood for millions of infertile couples and have been successfully stepping forward to achieve their motto “At least one child per infertile couple”.

Surrogacy process at International Fertility Centre

  • Understand IFC Surrogacy Program – We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible.
  • Surrogacy Cost Sheet – Acquire package and details from us.
  • Share detailed medical history, reports and scans done previously
  • Choose and block Egg Donor if needed
  • Paperwork is prepared between Surrogate and IP – Agreement and Consent
  • Synchronization of menstrual cycles of Genetic Mother/Egg Donor and Surrogate
  • Stimulation at IFC (stay in New Delhi for about 2-3 weeks depending upon your menstrual cycle)
  • Signing of Surrogacy Agreement and contract between IP and surrogate
  • Signing of consent form for IVF / ICSI , oocyte retrieval/embryo transfer
  • Ovum Pickup, Sperm Collection
  • IVF/ ICSI and Development of Embryos
  • Embryo is transferred into Surrogate
  • Confirmation of Pregnancy through a Beta HCG Test
  • Carrying of full term pregnancy by Surrogate Mother
  • Medical care of surrogate by International Fertility Centre
  • Monthly scans and reports of Surrogate provided to Intended Parents
  • Delivery of Surrogate
  • Process of handing over baby
  • International Fertility Centre organizes for the Birth Certificate of Baby
  • Lifelong Association and regular interaction with International Fertility Centre

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