Top Six Myths About Infertility

Top Six Myths About Infertility

Infertility is the inability for a couple to get pregnant. The problem could be present in the male or a female partner. Infertility is a complex and often misunderstood by people, which is why there’s so much confusion surrounding it. Here are some of the common myths surrounding about the word “infertility”.

Men don’t have fertility problems

Though it is commonly assumed that infertility is only a women’s problem, nothing is further from the truth. However, it is not always women who are responsible for not being able to conceive even after years of trying. Many a times the male partner has serious problems related to fertility, so both the partners should go for diagnosis before starting blame game!

Infertility will not happen to me

According to studies, one in ten couples is found to be infertile. You will know about the problem after you try to conceive.

I already have  a child. I cannot be infertile

You should know that fertility declines with the increase in age. Fertility varies due to number of reasons include changing lifestyle, stress, consumption of alcohol etc. So there is no guarantee that you will  preserve your fertility forever.

Men don’t have fertility cycles

Several studies have observed that timing can affect a man’s sperm count. In cooler temperatures, sperm count is higher and lower in the summer-hot and humid conditions. Sperm counts are also highest in the morning when male hormone levels are high. Experts may not agree whether the time have an effect on fertility rates when looking at the larger picture.

I am just too young to have fertility problems

Gynecologists believe the best time for women to get married is 20 when there are higher chances of fertile days in her ovulation cycle. Older women have a higher risk of being infertile, even the problems can be found in young women in some cases because their tubes are blocked or problems in ovaries.

Normal fertility is a miracle

It is not a myth. It is nature’s miracle when you have a normal conception. However, you cannot always wait for miracles to occur- and sometimes IVF allows you to create your own miracles!

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