The Value of a Second Opinion

The Value of a Second Opinion

We can help where others can’t

We understand there are a lot of factors to consider while taking a decision to see a fertility specialist to prepare for a second opinion. Many patients are scared to ask a doctor for a second opinion as they believe their doctor will get offended. These patients are confused with several questions as sometimes they are not aware how to get for a second opinion. How to trust a doctor? Whom they should contact? Here are some tips that will give you an insight how to seek for a second opinion.

Maintain the Professional Relationship with Your Doctor

We understand why you are feeling reluctant. It’s not that your doctor becomes annoyed or feels offended by your queries. Most of the doctors are kind, compassionate and sincere people and have a deep interest to help others. Despite the failures, a patient should not lose sight of the fact that a strong relationship with a doctor is a professional one. It means, you should take smart steps and remain positive and at the forefront of your decision-making process at all times.

Go Online

The best thing you can do to have a good relationship with your doctor is to go online. It is much easier option to get a second opinion online. It is an option you can explore because often the second opinion is better than the one your first doctor gives you.

Understand the IVF Treatment

IVF treatment is an emotional process and takes financial toll on patients/ couples particularly when the treatment cycle failed to bring a baby. The truth is that even in the simplest of cases, around 40 to 45 percent will results successful pregnancy in the first attempt and 50 percent will achieve success in the second or third attempt. In some rare cases, it takes five to six attempts for women to achive successful pregnancy as the IVF treatment depends upon certain factors which primarily includes age and the reason of infertility. Thus patients should have broader perspective about the treatment and must feel optimistic in order to get a workable second opinion.

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