Tick, Tock…The biological clock

Tick, Tock…The biological clock

Biological clock in fertility

The biological body function & bio-mechanisms in reproductive mechanism are regulated by hormonal activity. The female system reaches peak performance levels, at the age of 27 years. On attaining this age, the effectiveness of ovulation & ovarian reserve count begins to decline.

Menopause & Andropause

Menopause is ceasing of menstruation, in females between age group 45 and 50 years. The significance of menopause lies in the fact, that menopause brings closure to reproductive capacity of female, to conceive & deliver child birth, by natural methods. The female ceases to have ovulation & menses at menopause, occurring 12 months after last menstrual period & marks the end of menstrual cycles.

The male counterpart on the other hand is not limited by reproductive limitation. The term androphase is intermittently used to denote reduced levels of testosterone hormone. The best usage of androphase signifies a deficiency state, in which the hormone testosterone is below normal range or below normal volumes. The deficient state of testosterone reduces protein synthesis, disabled metabolic functions, decreased liver function, and reduces bone formation.

Decrease in fertility levels with Aging

For females, after the age of 35 years, alarm bells ring for conceiving and baby planning. The decrease in ovarian function, ovulation and changed fertility levels means lower pregnancy and live birth rates in females. Males may not be constrained by age related factors, on cellular function and reproductive ability. However, there may be some DNA damage or decrease in sperm number or sperm count with advancing age.

Exploring fertility options

The decreased fertility levels with aging are concern areas that are addressed with implementation of Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures. The hormonal and mechanical body function aspects are addressed with IVF – the creation of an embryo– outside the body environment. The facility to employ egg donor is boon for female infertility. The male partners with azoospermia or reduced sperm fertility, or blockage in male reproductive track can use these advance reproductive technology methods to fulfill their dream. IVF assure that at least one of the partners gets to be genetic parent of the baby, if not both.

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