Water Birth Uses, Benefits and Precautions

Water Birth Uses, Benefits and Precautions

Water birth is a gentler process of labor in a tub filled with warm water. It can be carried out at a hospital or at home. Many women are opting for this method at the time of delivery. The prime advantage of water birth is that the baby has grown in the gestational sac filled with amniotic fluid and while water birth, it creates a similar environment for the baby to come out. Also, it makes the painful and stressful birth process faster and easier for the mother. If you are planning for water birth, ensure that it is performed under the observation of your doctor.

Benefits of water birth for the mother:

  • The tub is filled with warm water that will provide soothing and calming effect.
  • Women feel free to move around and change their positions more often unlike in traditional labor practices.
  • The tendency of mother to float in water offers improved uterine contractions and better blood glow. This promotes more oxygen supply to the uterine muscles and reduced levels of anxiety.
  • Produce pain-inhibitor hormones called endorphins that help cope up better during labor.
  • During water birth, water lowers the chances of severe tearing and makes the perineum more elastic. Precautions to be taken during water birth.

Before and during labor through water birth, your doctor should evaluate you to diagnose any pregnancy complications that will affect your labor. If you are having a low-risk pregnancy, you can happily go ahead with water birth. Also, while you deliver, you should be in constant supervision of your doctor for any unwanted risks.

Closing Thoughts

Until and unless you don’t reach the labor stage, it will be difficult to determine which delivery method is right for you and your baby. If you choose water birth method to deliver you baby, consider your doctor’s suggestion too as they will advise you better. Every delivery method has its own pros and cons. In water birth, there are possible chances of infection, but there is no proven evidence to support it. Hence, it is recommended to wait for your labor stage and plan your delivery choicer accordingly with the help of your doctor.

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