Week By Week Pregnancy: What’s Going On?

Week By Week Pregnancy: What’s Going On?

Pregnancy starts as soon as the sperm and an egg meet for fertilization to form an embryo. Journey of a woman into a mother starts with the embryo development and growth. Motherhood is extremely an overwhelming experience for a woman. A mother is born with the birth of the child. There are different stages of embryo development with week by week pregnancy.

What’s going on?

Normally pregnancy occurs for forty-two weeks and embryo development takes place with week by week pregnancy. Let’s know what happens with every week of pregnancy.

The fertilized egg or an embryo divides itself into multiple cells as it travels down to the fallopian tube, enters your uterus and attaches itself to your uterus lining. The microscopic ball or cells formed, also called a Blastocyst, starts to produce the HCG pregnancy hormone, which instructs your ovaries to stop ovulation.

Primitive placenta, amniotic sac and yolk sac are formed within the first four week of pregnancy. They prepare the uterus to act as healthy host and enhance embryo development. Amniotic fluid is a significant ingredient that provides nourishment to the embryo for its development.

Baby starts growing at a faster rate. The circulatory system and physical features begins to form and the tiny heart starts beating in the 5th week. With time, your baby starts moving but you may not feel its movement yet. Nerve cells begin to develop and breathing tubes extend from the throat to the lungs (in the development phase). The embryonic tail disappears gradually.

In the initial stage of second trimester, baby’s kidneys become active. You could also see your baby sucking his or her thumb. This is the most likely phase to feel baby’s kick for the first time! With time, your baby can flex his arms and legs, and you may experience and feel these movements. Your baby’s senses – smell, vision, touch, taste and hearing – begin to develop.

Physical features like lips and eyebrows become prominent. In later stage, your baby’s wrinkled skin starts filling with baby fat. Hair growth takes place along with the color and texture. Now your baby can inhale and exhale, too, which is essential for the development of lungs. In the last week of your second trimester, your baby starts sleeping and waking up on scheduled timing and has an active brain.

At the initial stage of the third trimester, your baby’s eyesight starts to develop and he or she can turn head from side to side. The central nervous system starts maturing as well as the lungs. Babies born during 34 and 37 weeks are generally considered to be healthy.

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