What causes low sperm count and how to treat it for achieving pregnancy?

What causes low sperm count and how to treat it for achieving pregnancy?

If we talk about conception, the intended male parent’s sperm quality holds equal important as that of the intended female’s parent’s egg health. The intended parent’s reproductive materials – sperm and eggs should be health for a healthy pregnancy. Men are usually confused about their sperm counts for conceiving.

Factors Responsible for Poor Sperm Health

A woman is born with millions of eggs while men continually produce new sperms. Excessive ejaculation can lower your fertility potential in the future days but the testicles continue to produce sperm cells. Factors like smoking, overconsumption of alcohol, too much heat in the testicles can limit sperm production.

How does fertility decline in Men?

Sperm production reduces after the age of 40-50. Men who lack semen to produce sperms may find it difficult to achieve erection as they grow in age.

Low Sperm Count Conditions in Men

Sometimes, men have very less sperm count or even absence of sperm in their semen. This condition is called azoospermia. It is a medical condition which affects around 20% of the male population.

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How does the male reproductive system promote sperm production?

The male reproductive system continuously produces new sperms. A healthy man’s semen contains around 100 million sperms per milliliter. These sperm cells help in egg fertilization inside the female’s Fallopian tubes post-sexual activity.

A single ejaculation can have up to 750 million sperm cells, but only one single sperm is enough to promote egg fertilization. But due to medical condition like azoospermia, men may have low sperm counts in their semen making conceiving a tough job.

How to treat low sperm count in males?

There has been considerable progress in the field of reproductive medicine with the origin of IVF and ICSI aimed to overcome male and female infertility issues. Through IVF-ICSI procedures, pregnancy becomes possible by retrieval of the intended male parent’s sperm. In conditions like acoospermia, surgical techniques like TESA or PESA are performed to achieve pregnancy.

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