Why 2016 is The Best Time to Go For IVF?

Why 2016 is The Best Time to Go For IVF?

On the eve of New Year celebrations, couples who are trying to get pregnant should feel elated about exploring the joy of parenthood through multiple treatment options. With the latest advancements in medical technology particularly in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, IVF treatment has made it much easier for couples with fertility issues to fulfill their dream of having a family. In this blog, we will let you know why 2016 is the best time to go for IVF.

1. High Success rates than they were two decades ago

When IVF was introduced in the year 1978, with the birth of Louise Brown, and in the succeeding years, a pregnancy rate of around 15-20 percent was a wonderful thing. Nowadays, the success rate in IVF treatment has increased up to 50-60 percent. IVF specialists have become much better at culturing embryos outside the body.

2. New screening tools and techniques about selection of embryos has revolutionized the industry

For many years, a slow freezing technique was used in IVF treatment. But a new technique called vitrification is used nowadays by which embryos freezes quickly, which prevents the formation of ice crystals within the embryo that could damage it. This gives the patient almost the same chance of becoming pregnant from a frozen embryo as from a fresh one.

3. Some couples build a family from just one IVF cycle

Most of the couples fall pregnant from the fresh cycle and then the other embryos that are frozen often go on to be their second and third children. It’s has been revolutionary for couples to build a family like that.

4. Freezing of eggs is much easier than earlier

Earlier, it was very difficult to freeze unfertilized eggs as the success rate was not even 10 percent. But the latest technology-vitrification has made it very successful. This allows woman to store their eggs for future use.

5. Clinic now offer much more affordable IVF options

At International Fertility Centre, we have introduced much affordable programs- single and multi-IVF programs such as Positive Pregnancy Plan and Assured Baby Plan.

6. Don’t wait too long to seek help

Couples under the age of 35 should see a fertility GP or specialist immediately if they have been unable to get pregnant after six months to a year. After 35, they should see a fertility specialist only after they’ve been trying for six months.

7. No referral, directly head on IVF treatment

At IFC, we have experienced IVF specialists, specially trained embryologists that you can see without a referral. Overall, we will all make your IVF more accessible and achievable.

8. It takes few tests to determine whether IVF is right for you

There are some very basic, non-invasive tests that women can undergo to figure out if IVF is the best suitable so they can get on with treatment as soon as possible.

9. It also takes a few IVF cycles whether it’s likely to work

For some couples, it takes three or four IVF cycles to find out whether they’ll be able to achieve pregnancy or not. Come down to our clinic, and our IVF specialists will tell you how you’re going to be successful.

10. IVF isn’t for everyone, explore alternatives

IVF helps a lot more people than it used to, but for some people, the need to explore alternatives such as egg donor or surrogacy. Because for some couples, they may have different reasons for not becoming pregnant, it’s not always as simple as putting an embryo back in. There can be other factors, so better to explore alternatives.

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