Why choose IVF if you have unexplained infertility?

Why choose IVF if you have unexplained infertility?

A normal couple has only 20% chances of achieving pregnancy. This means 80% of the couples fail to conceive in one month. Sometimes, a couple can get pregnant right after a year after marriage, while other may achieve pregnancy after a long time or may not be able to conceive at all.

When a couple is unable to conceive after trying to conceive for one year, the foremost thing you should do is to consult a fertility specialist. If the intended female parent is above 35 years, consult you fertility doctor earliest possible.

So what does unexplained infertility actually mean?

When a couple is detected with fertility issues at our IVF clinic in Delhi, the fertility specialist performs various tests to detect the real cause of their infertility. Almost 10% of the couple’s result is normal. The term unexplained infertility may surface questions in their mind – how can it be treated? Where to go for treatment? Will they be ever able to conceive?

Through fertility tests, identifying the possible reasons become easier. If a male has low sperm count or the female has blocked fallopian tubes, it simply means that there are hurdles in achieving a pregnancy. But if the female eggs or male sperm quality is poor, then these cannot be detected through tests.

IVF a cost-effective treatment

This is why IVF becomes the best solution for couples with unexplained fertility. A couple with failed pregnancy after taking Clomid, they should undergo an IVF treatment soonest as it gives highest pregnancy success rates.

It is disheartening to see couples trying their best to conceive by undergoing various treatments at other clinics. Some people also opt for herbal medicines which do not hold any scientific evidence to improve their fertility potential. This results in wastage of money and time and leads to depression also.

What makes IVF an effective option?

When we talk about diagnosing infertility factors, IVF is a positive decision and offers assured pregnancy success plan due to the following reasons:

  • Women with perfect ovarian reserve may possess poor quality eggs. For this purpose, embryologists examine the eggs under microscope post egg retrieval process.
  • Couples with mature eggs and good semen parameters may have semen who have mature eggs and normal semen parameters may face of total fertilization failure after doing IVF.
  • One the root cause of your infertility is diagnosed; it becomes easier for fertility experts to give you the best treatment for you to have your own baby through assisted reproduction technologies.

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