Why Good Fertility Health is Vital for You?

Why Good Fertility Health is Vital for You?

Fertility is a godsent gift. You may not be aware about what fertility is. Fertility is an indicative sign of ability to have a baby naturally. Both men and women have varied factors that impact their fertility health as follows:

Factors affecting female Fertility:


With irregular periods, absence of periods, light menstruation or any other menstrual issues, pregnancy may be difficult.

2.Mother’s age:

If you are beyond your childbearing age, you might have lower chances of becoming pregnant. The ovarian reserve, amount and quality of eggs, declines faster after 35 years of age making it difficult for you to conceive. This is why; women more than 35 years of age have to opt for IVF in India to have a baby.

3.Patency of your fallopian tubes:

Your fallopian tubes should be open and functioning well in order to make you pregnant.

4. Timing of Intercourse:

Maintaining timely relations with your spouse is very important. Your most fertile period is 12th-16th days post periods. This fertile period does not necessarily make you pregnant but boosts your chances for pregnancy.

Factors affecting Male Fertility:

1.Sperm count:

Low sperm counts below 15 million per ejaculate that lowers the chances of sperm reaching the egg on order for you conceive.

2.Alcohol intake:

Drinking alcohol lowers testosterone in men, which may lead to conditions like erectile dysfunction and lowered sperm production as well. It may also cause liver diseases, impacting your fertility.

3.Cigarette smoking:

Men who smoke a lot have low sperm counts and motility as compared to those who do not smoke. Secondhand smoke also results in low fertility levels in both natural and assisted pregnancies.

4.Watch your weight:

Being overweight, obese or underweight has a negative impact on a man’s sperm production and reduced libido.

5. Regular checkups

Get your partner tested for tumors, celiac disease and varicocele for early detection and treatment to preserve your fertility. Also, maintain regular follow-ups with your doctor and eat a healthy diet along with moderate exercise every day for a healthier you.

Closing Thoughts

Now, with the continual rise of infertility issues, both men and women should have knowledge about fertility and its impact on overall health. Women should keep regular track of their menstrual cycles and watch out for any unfavorable symptoms. If there is any delayed or missed menstrual cycle, visit a gynecologist immediately for further evaluation and treatment. Men should watch out for variations in hair growth, changes in sexual desire, problems in ejaculation or erection and any kind of swelling or lumps around the testicles. If any of these symptoms are seen, visit an urologist for timely evaluation and cure.

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