Why IFC is best to begin your IVF journey?

Why IFC is best to begin your IVF journey?

International Fertility Centre, a leading IVF clinic in India, is a network of 12+ clinics located across India and Nepal with headquarters in New Delhi. Established in 2012, International Fertility Centre offers varied fertility treatments and services specially designed to have a healthy baby through assisted reproductive technology (ART) and a well-equipped state-of-the-art IVF lab.

IFC is headed by Dr Rita Bakshi, a renowned IVF specialist in India, with a senior clinical team of embryologists and staff members who aspire to ensure that you receive warm and understanding environment during your treatment with us.

IFC, a fertility clinic in India, is born to create families across the world with the help of assisted reproductive technology. Our services consist of In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intracytoplasmic Injection (ICSI), Egg Donation, Surrogacy, Blastocyst, Assisted Hatching, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and many more.

How is IFC different?

We do not compromise on quality

We are the only centre in North India to offer CASA – Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis which is known to improve male infertility treatment success rates by 51% along with cutting-edge equipments such as K-system Laminar air flow, ICSI unit from RI with micromanipulators, Embryoscope and Vitrifcation unit.

Skilled doctors at your service

We have a team of experienced doctors and stage members who underwent undergone rigorous training.

Best care for you

We at IFC are a team of 50+ members who ensure that you receive the best care and satisfaction.

Highest Live Baby Rates

Around 6 out 10 couples have become a parent of a healthy baby in their first attempt during IVF at our clinic. We take full responsibility of your treatment once you become pregnant and encourage you to take good care of yourself to have a healthy pregnancy.

Get world class Infertility Treatment at the most affordable prices with high Success Rates. Consult Us now by submitting your queries in the section mentioned below or write us at mail@internationalfertilitycentre.com