Why Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi are most favorable destination for infertile couples?

Why Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi are most favorable destination for infertile couples?

Surrogacy is one of the best options available for infertile couples if they have been trying for years and all the fertility treatments have failed to procure the result. For infertile couples, surrogacy in Delhi is a great way to overcome their infertility and to make their dream come true to having a child.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a procedure wherein a woman (surrogate) agrees to help an infertile couple as she carries their child in her womb when the couple is unable to carry out the pregnancy. Surrogacy involves an assisted reproductive technique wherein the intended mother’s ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs. After the eggs get matured and retrieved then they get fertilized in the laboratory. The resultant embryo(s) is transferred in the womb of the surrogate for its natural growth and development in the hope of successful pregnancy.

Advantages of seeking surrogacy treatment in Delhi:

Delhi is a hub of fertility clinics and has numerous options available to help infertile couples to combat infertility issues and surrogacy is one among them. Some of the advantages of undergoing surrogacy treatment in Delhi are enlisted below:

  • Best healthcare facilities
  • Healthy and amiable environment.
  • Cost effective nature of the treatment
  • Quality of treatment with international standards
  • Usage of cutting edge technology to ease complexity of the treatment.
  • Easy availability of accommodation.
  • People can easily commute.
  • Inclusive package with no hidden charges.
  • Transparency of the treatment.

The overall cost of Surrogacy treatment in Delhi:

As compared to other places the cost of a surrogacy treatment in Delhi is one sixth as compared to other countries. Although, in India surrogacy is only available for Indian couples but it has verily changed the scenario for couples who are longing for a child for so many years. The cost of the treatment plays an important role and in Delhi fertility clinics offers it an affordable range.

Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi at International Fertility Centre:

International fertility centre is among the renowned fertility clinics in Delhi that have gradually gained popularity and we are providing surrogacy for many years to infertile couples. The surrogacy treatment involves:

  • IVF with surrogacy
  • IVF with surrogacy using donor egg
  • Frozen embryo transfer along with surrogacy
  • IVF using donor egg/sperm

We are providing fertility services with utmost care and have highest success rate for surrogacy treatments. Our high quality service is supported with cutting edge technology is a major feature that corresponds to the success of the treatment. We make sure that we provide comprehensive counseling to our patients so that they don’t get mislead about the treatment. We hope to help you in best way possible to make your dream of parenthood turn to reality.