7 Things Never Say to Person Struggling With Infertility

7 Things Never Say to Person Struggling With Infertility

When you are struggling with infertility and want to have a baby, people roam around you with advices, suggestions, comments etc. Most of the times the comments are hurtful to the childless couples that lead to depression and further aggravates their problem. Infertility discussions with a person experiencing fertility create more confusion that can harm his happily married life. Below are the things that you should never say to someone experiencing infertility.

1. Just relax and you will conceive

Telling someone experiencing infertility to relax is not the solution to his/her problem. The vast number of fertility cases is due to the biological cause, low sperm production, blocked tubes, abnormal ovulation etc. You are not helping him this way instead you should help him to fix an appointment with doctor to find out the reasons.

2. Just adopt it will happen

There is no evidence that adoption and conception have any relationship with each other. It is better to remain silent than providing him faulty solutions to infertility.

3. Who’s having problems?

By asking this question, ‘who is at fault?’ can bring a lot of complicated issues. Both the partners want to live together. You are creating more problems for them. Do you want to take they should be estranged or having divorce?

4. You can take my kids

It sounds so funny. No one wants to hear this when experiencing to infertility. Having children is one of the most challenging things after all everyone wants to expand the family on own.

5. You are young and have lot of time to get pregnant

Get your facts right. Fertility decreases with the increase in the age. Being young means you have higher chances to get fertility treatments working, but it does not guarantee success.

6. You are not taking good enough care of yourself

It also goes along with other comments/suggestions. “You should change your lifestyle behaviors in order to conceive naturally.” The fact is most people are health conscious and when it comes to infertility, they are extremely cautious about it. So, better is not to pass the comments unnecessarily.

7. I wish I had that problem

What you are trying to say? This comment does not lead to any successful discussion to overcome infertility rather you are signaling them to give up. It looks rude and unfair.

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