Becoming parents now possible for HIV Patients at IFC

Becoming parents now possible for HIV Patients at IFC

We at IFC are proud to announce that all couples suffering from HIV need not compromise anymore from becoming parents. With the best-class fertility treatments for male HIV positive or female HIV positive, we promise a joyful parenthood experience with us.

Having a child is every couple’s dream even if both partners are HIV positive or one has HIV and the other doesn’t. We provide specialized treatments for HIV couples like sperm washing method and antiretroviral treatments so that they can safely conceive and have HIV-free baby.

Couples with male HIV positive

Our clinic International Fertility Centre, a well-known fertility clinic in India, fertility clinic in India, believes in aiding couples with male being HIV positive during their parenthood journey with a clearly defined treatment protocol that includes Sperm Washing method followed by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

The Sperm Washing method is performed by clinic embryologists in IVF laboratories to remove impurities and unwanted contaminants affecting the quantity of sperm.

Once the best sperms are chosen, the female parent’s eggs are retrieved and each single sperm is directly injected into each egg as a part of ICSI procedure.

Couples with female HIV positive

At our clinic, couples where the female is HIV positive are advised for antiretroviral treatment (treating HIV through medications) followed by In-vitro Fertilization, a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Antiretroviral treatment involves using fertility medications called antiretroviral drugs that help reduce viral load. This results in lesser chances of infection to be passed onto the baby. Hence, it is important that all HIV positive females to undergo antiretroviral treatment before planning to conceive or during their pregnancy phase for well-being of her baby. Once the female becomes fit for having a viable pregnancy, she is put on fertility medications to induce ovulation. Her eggs are extracted and fused with the male partner’s sperm in a Petri laboratory dish for fertilization. Once fertilization occurs, the embryo is placed in the female’s uterus for obtaining pregnancy as a part of IVF treatment.

HIV is a disorder that is traumatic for those suffering with it. It not only affects one’s physical and emotional but also lowers their chances of having a conception and a healthy baby. This is why; we provide low-cost HIV treatment because truly understand the agony of HIV patients who lose hope of having a baby, after repeated trials. We at IFC warmly invite HIV couples to begin their journey with us and savor the joy of parenthood.

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