How is Follicular Monitoring Necessary for Successful IVF Treatment?

How is Follicular Monitoring Necessary for Successful IVF Treatment?

In-vitro Fertilization Treatment is the highly effective infertility treatment in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. IVF treatment is the painless and less time consuming procedure therefore, it is generally preferred by most of the infertile couples if either of the partner is notified with severe infertility issues. There are multiple of steps involved in IVF procedure which require great expertise care and are necessary for successful treatment.

What is the role of follicular monitoring in successful IVF treatment?

Follicular monitoring is termed as investigating and assessing the follicles at regular intervals and timing to improve the production of desired quality of eggs for fertilization to take place. The good quality eggs play a very significant role in successful fertilization and pregnancy to take place. Follicle monitoring is started from the second day of menstrual cycle and is continued till the day of egg retrieval. It is very important to keep record of follicular activities and development to enhance the chances of successful pregnancy through IVF treatment.

Follicular Monitoring at International Fertility Centre

Follicular monitoring starts from 2nd day of menstrual cycle and prior medication for stimulation of ovaries are done. During monitoring we look for shape, quality and quantity of the eggs produced by the ovaries.

We conduct estradiol (E2) test on 2nd day of cycle and look for antral follicular count and gonadotropins are prescribed to the patient. She is again called for a follicular check on 4th day where the growth and development of follicles is screened and gonadotropins are continued. On the 7th day of menstrual cycle, when the perfect follicle should have reached to 14mm, we again perform follicular monitoring to check the size and count of follicles. On 10th day of cycle if we identify 3-4 follicles of 17mm or above, we trigger the ovaries through injections and within 36 hours, egg retrieval takes place to start with the fertilization process.

At our fertility centre, we perform every test and step with great care and with the help of expert gynecologists and embryologists. We strive to deliver positive results of the treatment.

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