PCOS: Right Diagnosis is important for the Right Treatment

PCOS: Right Diagnosis is important for the Right Treatment

PCOS is one of the most common problems of modern day ladies. Millions of women around the world are troubled by this problem. Most of these women find it difficult to conceive because of reproductive disabilities caused by PCOS.

In general, it is considered very simple to diagnose PCOS because of its visible symptoms.This condition is accompanied by irregular menses, weight gain, acne and unwanted hair growth. However, the symptoms may differ across different women.

International Fertility Centre offers the best infertility Treatment in case of PCOS patients ! The treatment of any disease lies in the right diagnosis. Best suited treatment options can be suggested only if the problem is detected correctly.

The expert team of gynecologists at International Fertility Centre makes sure that not any smallest of the details are left unseen and follows high standard diagnostic measures.Following is the PCOS diagnostic procedure followed by the doctors:

Pelvic Exam:

Our doctors perform an extensive examination of your reproductive organs, leaving no scope of missing any smallest of details. First a visual inspection is performed as a primary scan. Then a manual exam is performed to find any irregularities in the uterus or ovaries.

Blood Tests:

Blood tests are performed to analyze the blood for hormonal levels. This testing tells if you are glucose tolerant and also your insulin levels, which is a way to find if you are insulin resistant or not. If you are insulin resistant, you may be at a risk of PCOS.

Transvaganial Ultrasound:

The findings are then supported by an exclusive instrumental scan. A transvaginal ultrasound of the uterus, ovaries and the pelvis may be performed as per the need. It brings a clear picture of the situation and tells whether there are any cysts on your ovaries or an ovary is enlarged.

Once it is ensured that you have got PCOS your infertility treatment is planned as per your exact needs to make it a successful parenthood journey for you.

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