Prenatal Yoga that can thwart Infertility and improve the IVF Cycle

Prenatal Yoga that can thwart Infertility and improve the IVF Cycle

Yoga as we all know is not just a physical exercise but it is a natural remedy which enhances one’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state of being.But what about women who are mothers to be and are at the most crucial moment of their lives? Yoga could be a relief for women who are on their way to motherhood either conceiving naturally or through fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI. Women who are newbies to this journey of motherhood can practice yoga to improve their own health and the health of their unborn too. Yoga would be the best start for would be mothers.

Women who are in their gestation period undergo a lot of trouble and they should pay attention to every triviality which can affect their peace of mind or physical well-being. Throughout gestation period they suffer from mood swings, fatigue, sickness, painful cramps and breathing issues. So, yoga is a better way to overcome all of the above problems for these expectant women rather than relying upon other painful exercises.But before beginning any exercise even if it’s yoga they should consult their respective doctors.

IVF and Yoga

The IVF process is both, a hope for a mother and at the same time it’s a stressful process too. It involves a lot of care and attention. During the process if the mother practices yoga then, it certainly can improve the chances for better result and fewer complications at the completion of gestation period.But women who are not beginners are usually advised to make a slight change in their practice routine such as to perform exercise of moderate intensity. Yoga can help them to improve hormonal balance, reduce stress level, and maximize the chances of pregnancy.


  • More gentle and less forceful exercise.
  • Exercise which does not involve a lot of sweating.
  • Steadiness and exercise which involves even breathing rate.
  • Meditation
  • Soft Pranayama
  • Restorative Yoga


  • Nostrenuous exercise.
  • No twisting positions
  • Unstable movements
  • In case if the mother feels uneasy during any exercise then it’s advisable to stop immediately
  • No complex position

Asana which pregnant women should do

  • Asana like Shashankasana, Supt Vajra, Mataya and Shakti Sanchaclan are good for stomach muscles as it is the important region which carries the baby and these Asana helps to strengthen the stomach muscles.
  • Vajra asana, Marjaria asana, Bujanga asana and Surya namaskara are advisable for spine, as it maintains the flexibility and functioning of nervous system.
  • There are Asana which are important for back muscles which are affected by the weight of the baby, such as, Bujanga asana, Pashchimottan asana, Halasana and Vjarasana.
  • Pelvic area is required to be pay paid attention to as it helps during child birth. So, asana like Marija asana, Shahankasana, Sidha yoni are advised to be performed regularly.
  • Yatikasana to relief body tension, Parvatasana to improve body posture and Utkatasana for strengthening of thigh and pelvic muscles.

These are few Asana’s which are important for an expectant mother and they should practice them regularly under the observation of a specialist and should pay attention to other factors too along with exercise like their diet and personal hygiene.